China Wear-resistant Pin Bushing PTFE bushing bushing assembly

Applicable Industries: Building Material Shops, Manufacturing Plant, Machinery Repair Shops, Construction works , Food & Beverage Shops
Model Number: Custom processing
Material: PTFE
Features: High and low temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance
Suitable temperature: -180°C–260°C
Pressure: -0.1~6.4Mpa
Tensile Strength: 21~28MPa
Bending strength: 11~14MPa
Elongation: 250%~300%
Density: D792 2.13-2.35
Product name: PTFE Bushing
Size: Custom made
Withstand voltage: 10KV/mm
Packaging Details: Simple carton box in bulk (customized packaging or plastic tray )
Port: Port, HangZhou

PTFE Material characteristics resistant hydrochloric acid, various organic acids, organic solvents, strong oxidants and other strong corrosive chemicals medium. Temperature -180 ~ 250 ℃, allowing rapid cooling and rapid heating, or alternating hot and cold operation. -20~280℃ (-4~+482°F) Pressure -0.1~6.4Mpa (full vacuum to 64kgf/cm2) -0.1~6.4Mpa (Full vacuum to 64kgf/cm2).
High temperature resistance – working temperature up to 280 ℃.
Low temperature resistance – good mechanical toughness; 5% elongation can be maintained even when the temperature drops to -180°C
Low dielectric loss, high breakdown voltage, good arc resistance, and can work in an electrical environment of 250 ° C for a long time; because there is no hydrogen CZPT in the molecular structure of PTFE, the structure is symmetrical, so its crystallinity is very high (generally, the crystallinity is 55%~75%, sometimes as high as 94%), so that PTFE has better heat resistance, its melting temperature is 324 ℃, its decomposition temperature is 415 ℃, its maximum service temperature is 280 ℃, its embrittlement temperature is -190 ℃, its thermal deformation The temperature (under the condition of 0.46MPa) was 120°C. PTFE has good mechanical properties, its tensile strength is 21~28MPa, its bending strength is 11~14MPa, its elongation is 250%~300%, and its dynamic and static friction coefficient to steel is 0.04, which is higher than that of nylon, polyoxymethylene and polyester. Plastics have a lower coefficient of friction.

Product information
product namePTFE bushing
StandardDIN, BS, ANSI, JIS, GB and so on
Friction coefficient0.04
melting temperature3250C
water absorption<19%
Raw MaterialHigh quality PTFE
surface treatmentAccording To Your Needs
Sample Availability Samples are available.
ApplicationChemical, Medical, Electric Power, Construction, Automotive, Electronic, Electrical, Mechanical Seals, Semiconductors, etc.

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Q1: What information is required for quotation?
A: In order to quote you faster and more accurately, please provide the following information when inquiring:
1) Drawings and requirements (drawing formats include STEP, CAD, SOLID Works, PROE, DXF, PDF, etc.).
2) Material requirements (such as: ordinary steel, special steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, magnesium and other alloys, Teflon, plastic, etc.).
3) Surface treatment requirements (such as: sandblasting, spraying, electroplating, electrophoresis, oxidation, knurling, embossing, wire drawing, polishing, etc.).
4) Quantity and delivery date (by order/month/year/specific date).
5) Special requirements: (such as packaging, labels, delivery methods, etc.).

Q 2: . How to know and master the specific production
A: We will reconfirm your requirements and send you samples before mass production. During the mass production process, we will inform you of the specific production progress in the form of video or live photos at any time. Also, we will do 100% quality inspection before shipment.

Q3: After my drawings are sent to you, can I avoid the risk of leakage and ensure safety?
A: Don’t worry, we have strict drawing control procedures and measures to ensure that drawings will not be leaked. We will not distribute to third parties without your permission. So you don’t have to worry about leaks.

Q4: Do you provide samples? How much does the sample cost?
A: We can provide samples, but need to pay sample fee and courier fee. After the customer formally places the order, the sample fee will be refunded or deducted from the formal order.

Q5: How do I know the delivery progress?
A: We will inform you as soon as possible once we ship out the goods and get the logistics number from the forwarder. In addition, we will continue to send you the latest freight logistics information to ensure that you can follow up and receive your shipment on time.

Q6: How about after-sales service?
A: After you receive the products we provide, we will continue to follow up and wait for your feedback. Any questions related to the products we provide, we have experienced engineers and professional after-sales service personnel to serve you.

Q7: Are you a trading company or a production factory?
A: We are a production factory with rich production experience and a complete set of production equipment, testing equipment and related services.

Q8: How to ensure product quality?
A: We have a strong QC team to control the process and quality of the entire production, the specific measures are:
1) Confirm the production drawing with the customer and design the production plan.
2) Raw materials are subject to material inspection before entering our warehouse.
3) Confirm sample, material and specification report with customer.
4) Check the relevant (man, machine, material, method, ring) details of the production line.
5) Each product is inspected (full inspection) before packing to ensure 100% delivery pass rate.

Q9: Can you do custom production?
A: We can use many different technical processing methods to produce the items customers need, and we can customize any hardware products. Specializing in CNC machining, CNC milling, LNC turning, sheet metal, die casting, vacuum casting, injection moulding, forging, etc. Special processing such as 3D printing, laser engraving, silk screen printing, CNC machining engraving, etching can also be customized.

Q10: How to maintain a long-term and good cooperative relationship between us?
A:1) We are always committed to maintaining good quality and competitive prices to ensure that our customers benefit;
2) We provide high-quality, long-term after-sales service.
3) We respect every customer, treat them as friends, sincerely do business with customers and make friends, no matter where they come from.

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China Wear-resistant Pin Bushing PTFE bushing     bushing assembly		China Wear-resistant Pin Bushing PTFE bushing     bushing assembly
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