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China manufacturer OEM Wholesale manufacturer made Customized size rubber PU bushings Nylon Plastic Polyurethane bushing bushing connector

Product Description

OEM Wholesale manufacturer made Customized size rubber PU bushings Nylon Plastic Polyurethane bushing


Product Name:

Plastic bushing

Application :

Domestic electrical, automotive ,engineering machinery ,industry ,etc


Nylon PA6, Nylon, ABS, POM,PTFE


Black/white/yellow or others

Material Density:


Max PV value :

0.27~1.40 N/mm²·m/s

Tensile Strengthen:



72~90 HRR

Thermal conductivity:

0.24 W/(m·k)



Working Temperature:


In addition to the standard product catalog is displayed, we provide non-standard product or to order according to customer requirements.


Packing & Delivery

Packing Details:

1. Inner Packing
For small products: 100pcs-200pcs per sealed plastic bag. For bigger products: 2pcs-10pcs per plastic film roller (depends on the product size)

2. Outer Packing&Shipment Packing

8pcs-300pcs per carton (depends on the product size)
18-24 cartons per wood case or pallet, shockproof and safe for transportation.

Company Profile





Our Factory




Q: Are you trading company or manufacturer?
A: Our management is focused on exporting activities for more than 10 years and we have our own bushing factory. CHINAMFG is always professional and reliable. Our advantages are multiple resource integration, strong quality assurance and excellent service level. We are always responsible for our products

Q: Hong long is your delivery time?
A: Generally 10-25 days after order. It depends on the quantity.

Q: Do you produce samples? Is it free or extra?
A: For standard products, we produce samples free of charge for our customers. And the express costs will be burdened by the customer, but can be returned after the order is placed.

Q: How to ensure the quality?
A: We produce as per the confirmed technology or drawings for each order for our customers. And our factory has a strict quality control system. We inspect goods during production according to a certain frequency and we also perform the final inspection before the goods are packed.

Q: Do you like to serve the customers only with small orders?
A: We are always glad to grow up together with all our customers whatever big or small.

We hope our customers become stronger and stronger to be with us.


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Customized: Customized
Certification: ISO, ISO 9001:2015
Standard Parts: Standard and Non Standard


Customized Request

.shipping-cost-tm .tm-status-off{background: none;padding:0;color: #1470cc}

Shipping Cost:

Estimated freight per unit.

about shipping cost and estimated delivery time.
Payment Method:


Initial Payment

Full Payment
Currency: US$
Return&refunds: You can apply for a refund up to 30 days after receipt of the products.

plastic bush

Are there specific guidelines for recycling or disposing of plastic bushings at the end of their life cycle?

When it comes to recycling or disposing of plastic bushings at the end of their life cycle, it is important to follow specific guidelines to promote environmental sustainability. Here’s a detailed explanation:

1. Recycling:

– Check with local recycling facilities or waste management organizations to determine if plastic bushings are accepted for recycling in your area. Recycling options may vary depending on the type of plastic material used in the bushings.

– If recycling is available, separate the plastic bushings from other components or materials before recycling. Remove any metal or non-recyclable parts attached to the bushings, if applicable.

– Clean the plastic bushings to remove any contaminants or residues that could affect the recycling process. Follow any specific cleaning instructions provided by the recycling facility or refer to general plastic cleaning guidelines.

– Consider contacting the manufacturer or supplier of the plastic bushings for guidance on recycling options. They may have information on specific recycling programs or initiatives available for their products.

2. Disposal:

– If recycling is not available or feasible, dispose of plastic bushings according to local waste management regulations. Check with local authorities or waste disposal facilities for guidelines on disposing of plastic components.

– In many cases, plastic bushings can be disposed of as regular non-recyclable waste. However, it’s essential to follow any specific instructions provided by local regulations or waste management authorities.

– If the plastic bushings contain any hazardous or toxic substances, such as heavy metals or chemicals, follow proper disposal procedures to prevent environmental contamination. Contact local hazardous waste facilities for guidance on disposing of such materials safely.

3. Manufacturer or Supplier Guidance:

– Reach out to the manufacturer or supplier of the plastic bushings for guidance on proper recycling or disposal methods. They may have specific recommendations or resources available to support environmentally responsible end-of-life management of their products.

– Manufacturers or suppliers who prioritize sustainability may have implemented take-back programs or recycling initiatives for their plastic bushings. Inquire about any available programs and follow their instructions for returning or recycling the bushings.

4. Consider Reuse or Repurposing:

– Before recycling or disposing of plastic bushings, consider whether they can be reused or repurposed in any way. For example, they might serve as components in DIY projects, crafts, or non-critical applications.

– If the plastic bushings are still in good condition and meet the requirements of another application, consider donating or selling them to individuals or organizations that can make use of them.

– Reusing or repurposing plastic bushings can help extend their lifespan and reduce the overall waste generated.

By following specific recycling or disposal guidelines, you can ensure that plastic bushings are managed in an environmentally responsible manner at the end of their life cycle. Recycling, proper disposal, seeking manufacturer guidance, and considering reuse or repurposing are important steps to promote sustainability and reduce the environmental impact of plastic waste.

plastic bush

Are there tutorials on troubleshooting common issues with plastic bushings and their solutions?

Yes, there are tutorials available that provide guidance on troubleshooting common issues with plastic bushings and offer solutions to resolve them. Troubleshooting tutorials can be helpful in identifying and addressing problems that may arise during the use of plastic bushings. Here are some places where you can find tutorials on troubleshooting common issues with plastic bushings:

  • Manufacturer Websites: Many manufacturers of plastic bushings provide tutorials, guides, or technical resources on their websites. These resources often include troubleshooting sections that address common issues encountered with their products. Visit the websites of manufacturers that produce the specific type or brand of plastic bushings you are using. Look for documentation, FAQs, or technical articles that cover troubleshooting topics. Manufacturers are typically knowledgeable about their products and can offer valuable insights into resolving common issues.
  • Online Forums and Communities: Online forums and communities focused on engineering, mechanical design, or specific industries can be excellent sources of information for troubleshooting plastic bushing issues. Participate in these forums and engage with professionals who have experience in working with plastic bushings. Ask questions, describe the issues you are facing, and seek advice from the community. Often, you will find individuals who have encountered similar problems and can share their solutions and experiences.
  • Technical Publications and Journals: Technical publications, journals, and magazines related to mechanical engineering, tribology, or maintenance often contain articles that discuss troubleshooting techniques for various mechanical components, including plastic bushings. These publications may provide case studies, analysis, and practical solutions for common problems. Explore relevant publications and search their archives for articles on plastic bushing troubleshooting. Academic databases and online libraries can be valuable resources for accessing technical publications.
  • YouTube and Online Video Platforms: Video tutorials on platforms like YouTube can be a visual and interactive way to learn about troubleshooting plastic bushing issues. Many content creators and industry experts share their knowledge and demonstrate techniques for diagnosing and resolving common problems. Search for keywords related to plastic bushing troubleshooting on these platforms to find relevant videos. Watching demonstrations can often provide a clearer understanding of the troubleshooting process and the steps involved in resolving issues.
  • Training Courses and Workshops: Some organizations or training providers offer courses or workshops focused on mechanical maintenance, machinery troubleshooting, or specific industrial applications. These training programs may cover topics related to plastic bushings and provide hands-on experience in identifying and resolving common issues. Check with local trade schools, technical institutes, or professional training organizations to see if they offer courses that include plastic bushing troubleshooting as part of their curriculum.

When using troubleshooting tutorials, it is important to carefully understand the symptoms and causes of the issues you are encountering. Ensure that the suggested solutions align with your specific situation and take into account the operating conditions and application requirements of your plastic bushings.

By accessing tutorials from these various sources and applying the recommended troubleshooting techniques, you can gain valuable insights into identifying and resolving common issues with plastic bushings, improving their performance, and prolonging their lifespan.

plastic bush

What are the advantages of using plastic bushings over traditional metal bushings in machinery?

Using plastic bushings in machinery offers several advantages compared to traditional metal bushings. Plastic bushings, also known as polymer bushings or plain bearings, are made from various synthetic materials such as nylon, PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene), UHMW (ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene), or composite polymers. Here are some advantages of using plastic bushings:

  • <strong(Self-Lubrication): Plastic bushings often have inherent self-lubricating properties. They contain solid lubricants or have low-friction surfaces, reducing the need for additional lubrication. This feature reduces maintenance requirements, eliminates the risk of oil or grease contamination, and improves the overall reliability and cleanliness of the machinery.
  • Low Friction and Reduced Wear: Plastic bushings typically exhibit low coefficients of friction, resulting in smoother operation and reduced wear on mating surfaces. The lower friction reduces energy consumption and heat generation, contributing to improved efficiency and extended equipment lifespan.
  • Noise Reduction: Plastic bushings often dampen vibration and noise, resulting in quieter machinery operation. This is particularly beneficial in applications where noise reduction is essential, such as in consumer appliances or precision equipment.
  • Corrosion Resistance: Unlike metal bushings, plastic bushings are generally resistant to corrosion and chemicals. They can withstand exposure to harsh environments, including moisture, chemicals, and certain acids or alkalis, without deteriorating. This corrosion resistance contributes to longer service life and reduced maintenance requirements.
  • Lightweight: Plastic bushings are typically lighter than their metal counterparts. This can be advantageous in applications where weight reduction is important, such as in automotive or aerospace industries, as it can contribute to improved fuel efficiency and overall performance.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Plastic bushings are often more cost-effective compared to metal bushings. They can be produced at a lower cost, and their self-lubricating properties eliminate the need for additional lubricants and associated maintenance costs. Additionally, plastic bushings can reduce the wear on mating parts, extending the lifespan of the overall system and reducing replacement costs.
  • Design Flexibility: Plastic bushings offer design flexibility due to their ability to be molded into complex shapes. This allows engineers to design customized bushings to fit specific applications, optimizing performance and reducing the need for additional components or modifications.

It’s important to note that the advantages of plastic bushings may vary depending on the specific application and operating conditions. In certain high-load or high-temperature scenarios, metal bushings may still be preferred. Therefore, it’s crucial to consider factors such as load capacity, temperature range, speed, and environmental conditions when selecting the appropriate bushing material for a given machinery application.

By leveraging the advantages of plastic bushings, machinery can benefit from improved performance, reduced maintenance, extended lifespan, and enhanced overall efficiency.

China manufacturer OEM Wholesale manufacturer made Customized size rubber PU bushings Nylon Plastic Polyurethane bushing   bushing connector			China manufacturer OEM Wholesale manufacturer made Customized size rubber PU bushings Nylon Plastic Polyurethane bushing   bushing connector
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China high quality Plastic Rubber PTFE Washer PU Sleeve Plastic Polyurethane Bushing bushing press

Product Description

PU Sheet


Thickness: 1-200 mm

Size: 1000*2000 mm/1220*3100/customized

PU is a liquid urethane polymer that can be cured to a range of hardnesses.It has excellent resistance to abrasion,oils,many chemicals,solvents and oxidation,while maintaining high tensile strength and resilience.This combination of properties makes it a unique material.Having the elasticity of rubber and combining many of advantages of rigid plastic and metal.

Product Description

The Polyurethane (PU) Sheets are made from raw materials of best quality which certifies durability at its user end. Polyurethane sheet is popular for a wide range of industrial applications including linings, scrapers, gaskets and machined components.

The PU sheets can be produced with tarpaper, aluminum, paper, or nude. Additionally, its temperature can range from 30°C to +80°C. Our PU Sheets comprise of an excellent anti-abrasion and highly elasticity, each consist of different thickness and sizes. The main function of each PU sheet is to reduce pressure. They are widely used as Cushion, Anti-Pressing and Heavy Load parts.

All Polyurethane products are applicable for variety of uses. More than 70 5 percent of the CHINAMFG utilization of polyurethane items is in the form of foams, with flexible and rigid types which are roughly equal in market size.

This product is easily available in market at the most reasonable prices. The polyurethane sheets offered by us are discovering application in multicolored industry sections attributing their fame. The PU sheets play its role in those applications which involve bearing, stripping, cushioning, resting sliding, forming, damping, or rolling.

Best applications of PU sheets

Following are the few best applications of PU sheets;

  • Jig & Fixtures
  • Mallets
  • Punch-strippers
  • Pads
  • Abrasion Resistant Linings
  • Screens
  • Spacers
  • Rollers & Sleeves
  • Suspension Bushes
  • Scrappers Blades
  • Wheels
  • Wear Plates


color     transparent
porportion GB/T533-2008 g/cm3 1.08
heat endurance   ºC -50  to80
Tensile strength GB/T533-1998 MPa 8.5
Ultimate Elongation GB/T528-1998 % 587
GB/T528-1998 % 20  
Tear strength GB/T533-2008 kv/ml 48


1. Q: What color can you make?

A: Usually we can make the regular color, like nature, dark yellow, black, light yellow, red and so on. Or you can offer the pantone color number for reference to produce.

2.Q: What is your MOQ?

A: It depends on the drawing.

3. Q: What is your delivery time?

A: It depends on the volume, usually it is about 7 days.

4. Q: How can I get a sample?

A: Small size of sample are free, you only need to pay for the shipping cost, or you can provide your UPS, DHL, Fedex, TNT courier account to us. Customized size of sample should be charged.

5. Q: What is your payment ?

A:30% T/T in advance, balance before shipment. Other terms negotiable.




Pressure: High Pressure Mechanical Seals
Speed: High-Speed Mechanical Seal
Temperature: Temperature Mechanical Seal
Performance: Wear
Standard: Standard
Balance: Balanced
US$ 0/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

Request Sample



Customized Request

plastic bush

Where can I find online communities or forums discussing experiences with plastic bushings in specific applications?

Online communities and forums dedicated to discussing experiences with plastic bushings in specific applications can provide valuable insights and knowledge-sharing opportunities. Here are some places where you can find such communities:

  • Engineering and Mechanical Forums: Online forums and communities focused on engineering, mechanical design, or specific industries often have dedicated sections or threads where professionals discuss various components, including plastic bushings. Platforms like Reddit, Stack Exchange, or specialized engineering forums allow users to post questions, share experiences, and seek advice from others in the field. Explore relevant subreddits or forums and search for topics related to plastic bushings or specific applications to find discussions and experiences shared by community members.
  • Industry-Specific Forums: Depending on the specific application or industry you are interested in, there may be industry-specific forums or communities where professionals gather to discuss challenges, solutions, and experiences related to equipment components. These forums can be industry-specific platforms, professional association websites, or dedicated online communities. For example, if you are looking for discussions on plastic bushings used in automotive applications, you might find relevant forums on automotive engineering websites or automotive enthusiast communities.
  • LinkedIn Groups: LinkedIn, a professional networking platform, hosts numerous industry-specific groups where professionals share insights, ask questions, and discuss various topics. Search for groups related to your specific application or industry that focus on mechanical engineering, equipment design, or maintenance. Join these groups and actively participate in discussions related to plastic bushings. Engaging with professionals in your field of interest can provide valuable perspectives and experiences.
  • Online Machinery and Equipment Communities: Online communities or platforms dedicated to machinery and equipment enthusiasts or professionals can also be a source of information on plastic bushings. These communities may have dedicated sections or discussions related to components, maintenance, or troubleshooting. Explore machinery or equipment-focused websites, forums, or social media groups to find discussions or experiences shared by individuals who have worked with plastic bushings in specific applications.
  • Manufacturer Websites and Support Forums: Manufacturers of plastic bushings sometimes have their own websites with support forums or discussion boards where users can post questions, share experiences, and seek advice. These forums may be specific to the manufacturer’s product line or cover broader topics related to plastic bushings. Visit the websites of manufacturers that produce the plastic bushings you are interested in and look for community sections or support forums where you can engage with other users and professionals.

When participating in online communities or forums, it’s important to respect community guidelines, ask specific questions, and provide relevant information about your application to receive targeted responses. Engaging with experienced professionals and learning from their experiences can help you gain valuable insights into the use of plastic bushings in specific applications and make informed decisions for your own projects.

plastic bush

Where can I buy plastic bushings with self-lubricating properties for reduced maintenance needs?

If you are looking to purchase plastic bushings with self-lubricating properties to minimize maintenance requirements, there are several sources where you can find them. Here are some options to consider:

  • Directly from Manufacturers: Many manufacturers specialize in producing plastic bushings with self-lubricating properties. Visiting the websites of reputable manufacturers is a good starting point. Look for manufacturers that offer self-lubricating plastic bushings as part of their product line. Their websites often provide detailed information about their products, including specifications, performance characteristics, and ordering details. You can usually find contact information or request a quote directly from the manufacturer’s website.
  • Industrial Suppliers and Distributors: Industrial suppliers and distributors often carry a wide range of plastic bushings, including those with self-lubricating properties. These suppliers usually have catalogs or online platforms where you can search for and purchase the desired bushings. Some well-known industrial suppliers include Grainger, MSC Industrial Supply, and Motion Industries. Check their websites or contact them to inquire about the availability of self-lubricating plastic bushings.
  • Online Marketplaces: Online marketplaces can be a convenient option for purchasing plastic bushings with self-lubricating properties. Websites such as Amazon, eBay, or Alibaba have a vast selection of industrial components, including self-lubricating plastic bushings. When using online marketplaces, it is important to verify the seller’s reputation and reviews to ensure the quality and authenticity of the products being offered.
  • Local Industrial Supply Stores: Check if there are any local industrial supply stores or specialty bearing stores in your area. These stores often carry a variety of plastic bushings and can provide guidance on selecting the right self-lubricating bushings for your specific application. Visiting a local store allows you to physically examine the products and seek advice from knowledgeable staff before making a purchase.
  • Trade Shows and Exhibitions: Trade shows and exhibitions focused on industrial components and machinery are excellent venues to explore and source self-lubricating plastic bushings. These events bring together manufacturers, suppliers, and industry professionals, providing an opportunity to see and compare different products in person. Attend relevant trade shows or exhibitions in your region to connect with suppliers and learn about the latest advancements in self-lubricating bushing technology.

When purchasing plastic bushings with self-lubricating properties, consider factors such as the specific requirements of your application, the expected loads and operating conditions, and the compatibility with the mating surfaces. Additionally, ensure that the chosen supplier or manufacturer has a reputation for delivering high-quality products and reliable customer service.

By exploring these sources and considering the factors mentioned above, you can find reputable suppliers of plastic bushings with self-lubricating properties, enabling you to reduce maintenance needs and enhance the performance and longevity of your machinery or equipment.

plastic bush

Where can I find reliable suppliers for high-quality plastic bushings for industrial applications?

If you’re looking for reliable suppliers of high-quality plastic bushings for industrial applications, there are several avenues you can explore. Here are some sources where you can find reputable suppliers:

  • Online Industrial Directories: Online industrial directories such as Thomasnet, GlobalSpec, or Kompass provide comprehensive listings of suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors of various industrial products, including plastic bushings. These directories often allow you to filter search results based on location, industry, certifications, and other criteria, helping you find reliable suppliers that meet your specific requirements.
  • Trade Shows and Exhibitions: Attending trade shows or exhibitions related to industrial machinery, engineering, or maintenance can be an excellent way to connect with reputable suppliers. These events often feature booths or exhibits by manufacturers and suppliers of plastic bushings. You can engage in direct conversations, see product samples, and gather information about the supplier’s capabilities and product quality.
  • Industry Associations and Networks: Industry associations or networks related to your specific industrial application or sector can provide valuable resources and connections to reliable suppliers. These associations often have membership directories or supplier databases that can help you identify reputable suppliers of plastic bushings. Additionally, reaching out to fellow industry professionals through these networks can provide recommendations and insights on reliable suppliers they have worked with.
  • Manufacturer Websites: Many manufacturers of plastic bushings have their own websites where they showcase their products and provide information about their company and capabilities. Visiting these websites allows you to learn more about the manufacturer’s quality standards, certifications, production processes, and product range. Manufacturer websites often have contact information or inquiry forms that you can use to get in touch with them directly.
  • Referrals and Recommendations: Seek referrals or recommendations from colleagues, industry professionals, or machinery manufacturers who have experience in using plastic bushings. Personal recommendations can provide valuable insights into the reliability, quality, and customer service of specific suppliers. People who have had positive experiences with suppliers in the past can point you in the right direction.
  • Online Marketplaces: Online marketplaces such as Alibaba, Amazon Business, or Global Sources often feature a wide range of suppliers offering plastic bushings. These platforms provide user reviews, ratings, and detailed supplier profiles, helping you assess the reliability and quality of potential suppliers. However, exercise caution and perform due diligence when dealing with suppliers on online marketplaces to ensure their credibility and product quality.

When evaluating suppliers, consider factors such as their industry experience, reputation, product quality, certifications, delivery capabilities, and customer service. Request samples or product specifications to assess the quality of the plastic bushings they offer. It’s also beneficial to establish clear communication channels with the supplier to address any questions or concerns you may have.

By exploring these sources and conducting thorough research, you can find reliable suppliers of high-quality plastic bushings for your industrial applications, ensuring that you receive products that meet your requirements and perform optimally in your machinery.

China high quality Plastic Rubber PTFE Washer PU Sleeve Plastic Polyurethane Bushing   bushing press		China high quality Plastic Rubber PTFE Washer PU Sleeve Plastic Polyurethane Bushing   bushing press
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China High Quality Auto Universal Air Suspension Kit Parts Control Arm Front Bar Stabilizer Rubber Bushings For Cars bushing adapter

Product: CIVIC CRX
12 months: 1995-1995, 1992-1992, 1994-1994, 1993-1993, 1997-1997, Inch Collection Bearing ER212 39 Insert Ball Bearing ER212-39 with snap locking rings 1996-1996
OE NO.: 52371-Sh3-G07
Vehicle Fitment: HONDA
Guarantee: 3 a long time, 1 calendar year
Automobile Model: FOR HONDA
Merchandise Identify: Management Arm Bushing
Software: Automotive suspension components
Materials: Metal + Normal rubber
Measurement: Regular
floor treatment method: Phosphating
OEM: Approved
Certification: IATF 16949
Packing: Neutral packing
MOQ: 200pcs
Packaging Details: first in polybag, then in carton
Port: ZheJiang , HangZhou, HangZhou

one. Product Particulars

Item NameSuspension Rubber Bushing
ApplicationAutomotive Suspension Components
MaterialMetal + Rubber (Personalized)
Surface Treatment methodPhosphating / Plating

two. Company Overview

3. QA& CNC Machining Precision Machinery Copper Elements Large Load Casting Brass Sleeve Flange Bearing Bushing OEM Bronze Bujes QC
4. Packaging & Display
five. FAQ
Why Choose US? 1. Greatest TractionOur Merchandise Are Made To Remove Vibration And Deflection To Increase Automobile Functionality 2. Special FormulaWe Design The Best Rubber Formulation For Match The Different Prerequisite 3.Precision FitMatched Elements Precisely Engineered For A Excellent Fit To Your Automobiles 4.Beats The ElementsImpervious To Deterioration Caused By Weather conditions, Oil, Grease And Components 5. Outstanding DurabilityWe Use The Very best Supplies For Steel Component And Rubber Element To Provide Ultimate Efficiency 6.100% VerificationOur Products Are All Pass 100% Verification Just before Package deal, High quality Usually 1st! Acquire 33005 Tapered Roller Bearings E33005J For Printing Equipment Lathe Spindle Instruments

bronze bushing
China High Quality Auto Universal Air Suspension Kit Parts Control Arm Front Bar Stabilizer Rubber Bushings For Cars     bushing adapter	China High Quality Auto Universal Air Suspension Kit Parts Control Arm Front Bar Stabilizer Rubber Bushings For Cars     bushing adapter
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China hardened metal Inner metal tube for rubber bushing suspension bushing of auto accessories bushing and bearing

Relevant Industries: Garment Stores, Building Material Outlets, Manufacturing Plant, Machinery Restore Stores, Farms, Restaurant, Home Use, Retail, WB sequence cycloid planetary gear reducer vf worm generate gear velocity reducer for troweling device Printing Stores, Design works , Vitality & Mining, Promoting Organization
Product Number: metal bushing- 0571
Sort: sleeve
Material: steel, metal #twenty,#forty five,#10
Solution identify: bushing
Tolerance: .01mm
Therapy on surface: E-coating, Painting, Cylindrical Roller Bearing NUP NU NJ2219 higher high quality roller bearing Powder coating or Anodizing
Provider: OEM
Dimension: Tailored Size
Certification: ISO9001/TS16949
Samples: Avaliable
Application: Automobile
Shipping time: fifteen-30days
Packaging Details: carton and packed as for every buyer ‘requirement
Port: HangZhou

MaterialAluminum, stainless steel, copper, brass, galvinized and so on.
Surface remedySandblasting, wire drawing, oxidation coloring, display printing, YP, HangZhoun Blade motordeck motor Blade motor for push garden mower 1.8KW 72V 1KW 2KW 3KW 4KW 5KW garden tractor laser engraving, electrophoresis,galvanized and quickly
TechnologyStamping, cnc, laser reducing, welding, hardware mildew design and manufacturing
Sample7-15 times quick prototype
CertificateIATF 16946:2016
Drawing Structure3D/CAD/Dwg/IGS/STP
ApplicationAutomotive, maritime, Tractors 5245 4wd Tractor property appliances, electronic merchandise, machinery and equipment

with Hot selling
China hardened metal Inner metal tube for rubber bushing suspension bushing of auto accessories     bushing and bearing	China hardened metal Inner metal tube for rubber bushing suspension bushing of auto accessories     bushing and bearing
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China good quality CAMRY ACV30 stabilizer link bush auto car rubber parts 48815-33090 48815-06080 SEQUOIA sway bar bushing for TOYOTA bushing bore

Design: SOLARA Coupe (_V3_), SEQUOIA (_K6_), CAMRY Saloon (_V4_), CAMRY Saloon (_V3_), PRADO (_J1_)
12 months: 2, T870-29
Auto Fitment: Toyota
Sort: Common
Warranty: 12 Months
Merchandise name: Stabilizer Bar Bushing
Material: All-natural Rubber
Rubber Hardness: sixty~70 Shore
Place: Front Axle left and proper
Top quality: Substantial Quality
Software: Car Suspension Programs
Size: OE Standard Measurement
point out: have in inventory
Package deal: TAIPAI Packing, Customer’s Packing, Neutral Packing
Packaging Specifics: 1, Authentic packing 2, Customer’s packing 3, TAIPAI manufacturer packing box

good top quality CAMRY ACV30 stabilizer hyperlink bush vehicle auto rubber areas 48815-33090 48815-06080 SEQUOIA sway bar bushing for CZPT


Product IdentifyStabilizer bushing, Stabilizer bar bushing, HJ35D Stage Servo Motor Pulse Controller Intelligent Programmable Controller Stepper servo motor twin axis controller Stabilizer url bushing, Sway bar bushing, Suspension Bushing
SubstanceNatural rubber, NR
Good quality Guaranteetwelve Months
PurposeLengthy existence, Decrease noise, Large temperature Resistance
Products Rangeprotect 99% cars
Manufacture LineAutomation
Good quality CertificatesISO9001, TS16949
Production time7 days for stock items20-thirty days for manufacturing items
Packing BoxTAIPAI Brand Packing or as Customer’s Requirements
Shipmentby DHL/ FEDEX/ TNT, by Air, by sea
MOQone) For stock items: 1 computer for every single product
two) For no stock things: one hundred pcs for each merchandise
Sampleone pc Free
Sample Lead timeseven times
PaymentT/T, Western Union, L/C, Funds
Alibaba trade assurance: 30% in advance, Shaft collar spherical head CZPT pin CZPT bush 70% harmony before the shipping and delivery. ( Items phots and Deal photographs will be provided ahead of you do the harmony.)
QC/High quality Checking1)—Sample Examining
two)—Before generation, content examining and CZPT checking
3)—Technicians self check in generation
four)—Engineer place check
5)—Packing check out
6)—Check once again ahead of transport
Cross Reference No.48815-33090 48815-06080
Application Vehicle Versions:TOYOTA CAMRY ACV30 MCV30 2002-2006TOYOTA SOLARA 2003-2008TOYOTA SEQUOIA USK60 2008-2016TOYOTA SEQUOIA USK65 2017-

We have far more items as adhere to:


FAQ:Q1. What is your terms of packing?A: Usually, we pack our items in our brand box. If you have lawfully registered brand, we can pack the products in your branded packing containers right after receiving your authorization letters.Q2. What is your phrases of payment?A: T/T thirty% as deposit, and 70% before shipping. We’ll demonstrate you the images of the products and offers prior to you pay out the balance.Q3. What is your conditions of delivery?A: EXW, FOB, CIF.This fall. How about your manufacturing time?A: Typically, it will take 20 to 30 times right after receiving your progress payment.
If your order things all have in stock, that will only take about 7days to shipping.Q5. Can you create in accordance to the samples?A: Indeed, we can generate by your samples or technological drawings. We can develop the molds and fixtures.Q6. What is your sample policy?A: We can provide the sample if we have previously in stock, for no inventory products, that will take about 7-10 times.Q7. Do you check all your goods just before supply?A: Of course, we have a hundred% take a look at prior to shipping and deliveryQ8: How do you make our enterprise extended-phrase and excellent connection?A:1. We hold very good high quality and aggressive value to guarantee our buyers advantage Manufacturing unit Provide fan shaft Sintered Bronze bushing 2. We respect every customer as our pal and we sincerely do business and make pals with them, no matter exactly where they occur from.

bushing and control arm
China good quality CAMRY ACV30 stabilizer link bush auto car rubber parts 48815-33090 48815-06080 SEQUOIA sway bar bushing for TOYOTA     bushing bore		China good quality CAMRY ACV30 stabilizer link bush auto car rubber parts 48815-33090 48815-06080 SEQUOIA sway bar bushing for TOYOTA     bushing bore
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China Factory Direct Sale Car Suspension Bushing Rubber Automobile parts SUSPENSION BUSHING OEM 48655-12170 FIT FOR TOYOTA with Hot selling

Product: COROLLA Verso
12 months: 2004-2009
OE NO.: 48655-12170
Automobile Fitment: Toyota
Guarantee: 12 months
Variety: BY SEA
Automobile Product: Fit FOR CZPT COROLLA 2000-2008
Materials: Rubber Iron
Payment: L/C,T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram,Money,Paypal
OEM: 48655-12170
MOQ: 50pcs
Colour: Black
Quality: Large-High quality
Packing: Neutral packing,Customise packing,Vocargle brand name packing
Application: In shape FOR CZPT COROLLA 2000-2008
Certification: ISO9001:2015, ISO9001:2015
Measurement: OEM Common Measurement
Packaging Details: 1.Neutral packing2.Customise packing3.Vocargle brand name packing
Port: HangZhou/HangZhou/ZheJiang

Merchandise Description

OE NO.:48655-12170
Application:FIT FOR CZPT COROLLA 2000-2008
Warranty:1 12 months
Packing:Neutral packing ,Customise packing , Tractor PTO Shaft Driveshaft with Shear Bolt for 1-38 x 6 Spline Both Ends, 59 Duration, Series 4 VOCARGLE manufacturer packing
Payment: L/C, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram,Other (Funds)
Delivery:1-7days for inventory, 30-45 times for creation
Size: Common
Capacity:50,000pcs/Thirty day period
Firm Profile Certifications Our Benefits Transport Logistics FAQ Q: What is your production line? A: We have nearly 8000items for engine mounting, strut mounting, bushing, Management Arm Bushing 87LR13533 LR084108 LR100072 for Range Rover 2012 – 2018 Activity 2013 – 2018 for LR034220 LR034219 GL571 stabilizer link, control arm,ball joint. Specially for Japanese sequence,European and American sequence.Q: What about the shipping and delivery time? A: 1-7days for stock order, thirty-60days for manufacture purchase foundation on your purchase amount.Q: Any ensure of your goods? A: 1 yr promise.Q: what is your sample coverage? A: We can source the sample if we have completely ready areas in inventory, but the buyers have to pay out the sample value and the courier price Q: What is your conditions of payment?A: T/T thirty%as deposit, and 70% prior to shipping. We’ll demonstrate you the photographs of the merchandise and packages just before you pay the harmony Q: Can you deliver merchandise to my country?A: Certain, we can. If you do not have your very own ship forwarder, we can support you.

bushing bore
China Factory Direct Sale Car Suspension Bushing Rubber Automobile parts SUSPENSION BUSHING OEM 48655-12170 FIT FOR TOYOTA     with Hot selling		China Factory Direct Sale Car Suspension Bushing Rubber Automobile parts SUSPENSION BUSHING OEM 48655-12170 FIT FOR TOYOTA     with Hot selling
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China EEP Car Parts Rubber Bush Front Lower Suspension Bushing for Mitsubishi LANCER CB5 MB808909 with Great quality

Model: LANCER V Station Wagon (CB_W, CD_W)
Calendar year: 1992-2, 875718, VVSB3632,, GB896 Black Manganese Steel Shaft Bearing Retaining Ring Break up Washer Snap Collar E Variety Clip Exterior Circlip fifty seven 0571 six
Guarantee: 1 year
Kind: Reduce Suspension Bushing, Decrease Suspension Bushing
Vehicle Product: For CZPT LANCER CB5
Position: Front
Materials: Rubber
Certification: ISO9001, TS16949, SGS
Packaging Specifics: EEP Manufacturer packing
Port: HangZhou

Heat Idea Pls speak to us to confirm your car product and OEM amount Specification

Item IdentifyFront Lower Suspension Bushing for CZPT LANCER CB5 MB85719
Part NumberMB85719
Car designFor CZPT LANCER CB5
Warranty1 Year
PackingEEP Brand Packing or as Customer’s Specifications
WeightN.W. .33 KG/ G.W. .35 KG
MOQ20 pcs
Delivery1-15 days for inventory objects, Factory immediate provide AC DC Brushless Little 12V-380V 100W Large Velocity Variable Frequency 7000rpm Rotation Exhibit Vibrating motor 30-sixty days for generation get
Shipmentby DHL/ FEDEX/ TNT, by Air, by sea
CertificateISO9001, TS16949, SGS
Hot Sale Items and Recommend MerchandiseClick the picture or click to check out more, Wholesale higher high quality double split shaft collars and speak to us for much more specifics

bushing connector
China EEP Car Parts Rubber Bush Front Lower Suspension Bushing for Mitsubishi LANCER CB5 MB808909     with Great quality China EEP Car Parts Rubber Bush Front Lower Suspension Bushing for Mitsubishi LANCER CB5 MB808909     with Great quality
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China Best Price Suspension Rubber Bushings kits Parts Lower Control Arm Square Rubber Bushing 4865520221 bushing replacement

Model: 3SDK7
Year: 1992-2002
OE NO.: 48655-25711
Vehicle Fitment: Toyota
Guarantee: 3, 1 12 months
Type: bonding
Vehicle Product: Japan car
Solution Title: Manage Arm Bushing
Application: Automotive suspension parts
Substance: Metal + Natural rubber
Dimension: Normal
surface area remedy: Phosphating
OEM: Accepted
Certification: IATF 16949
Packing: Neutral packing
MOQ: 200pcs
Packaging Particulars: 1st in polybag, then in carton
Port: ZheJiang , HangZhou, HangZhou

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1, Sizzling 608RS 8x22x7mm Shielded Bearings Inexpensive 608RS Inline Roller Skate Wheel Bearing 608 RS Anti Rust Skateboard Ball Bearings Are you a Manufacture or Buying and selling Company?A: We are immediate company and we have licence to export auto components,have been in this line for more than 20 years.2,How does your manufacturing unit do regarding top quality control?A: Content purchase–Make certain that materials is the very same as confirmed, such as shade, thicknessMould manage–Make certain the same as verified, including dimension, Tiny Cross Common joint, Deal equipment Common joint ,Several spindle drilling common joints CN-S20 condition, position…B: Check–QC examine as requested particulars 1 by 1. Accredited will be shipped. Unsanctioned will be reworked. Make sure everybody is appropriate, cleanC: Pack–Make certain quantity is right. Use right packing strategy steering clear of hurt in transport.D: Track–The merchandiser tracks all the procedure. Supervise and just take images when loading for creating confident products secure and proper.3,What other support can you offer?A: OEM provider, welcome to send us the design drawing to produce a new solution line. Customized support, we can help you to design your packing.4, HUXIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS. Brush Dc Motor 48v 96v 10kw 15kw Motor For EV Auto How can I get the warranty?A: During the guarantee time period,any items broken since of the good quality problem can be transformed for free.We provide 2-yr-guarantee counted from the buy date, but it does not include damages resulted from any of the adhering to conditions, with all rights reserved for ZheJiang Gycx Sector & Trade Co., Ltd.

with Great quality
China Best Price Suspension Rubber Bushings kits Parts Lower Control Arm Square Rubber Bushing 4865520221     bushing replacement		China Best Price Suspension Rubber Bushings kits Parts Lower Control Arm Square Rubber Bushing 4865520221     bushing replacement
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China Best quality volvo dump truck spare parts A frame rubber bushing 16810574 with Hot selling

Condition: New
Applicable Industries: Equipment Repair Outlets, Design works , Vitality & Mining
Showroom Place: None
Video outgoing-inspection: Provided
Equipment Check Report: Provided
Marketing and advertising Sort: Common Product
Guarantee: 1 Yr
After Guarantee Services: Spare elements
Portion name: CZPT A frame rubber sleeve
Component variety: 1681571/11195403/16837551/1681571
Software: CZPT rear axle
Design: CZPT A40E/F
Material: 20CrNiMo
High quality: Substantial Assure
Certification: ISO9 Huigong Machinery major merchandise are electrical wheel dump trucks, a complete selection of electric powered wheel assemblies for mechanical dump trucks, mechanical travel axle assemblies, gearbox PTO assembly, and so on. the merchandise are commonly used in Terex, Device-rig, Komatsu, Belaz, CZPT and other effectively-acknowledged domestic and overseas manufacturers dump truck versions.

Part No.Product titlePortion No.Solution name
15571636rear axle differential assembly20582549Roller bearing/Bearing
15034034case/housing8171088Adjusting ring
3152818bolt8171090Cotter pin/PIN-COTTER/PIN-Break up/COTTER-PIN/COTTER PIN
20508641Transmission equipment established1522099Combined flange
8172962Circlip/snap ring8172159Circlip/snap ring
20366534Nuts155716Middle axle principal reducer assembly/Center axle differential assembly
2571865Adjustment mats/SEAL GASKET15036900Frame-head/Body-finish/BRACKET
8172960Gland/Include/Cap914484Circlip/snap ring
2 0571 385seal1523319Lock washer
8171086bolt11036504Combination flange
15042302Flange, flange1523124Sealing ring
8172958Differential housing948642Sealing ring
8172959Differential housing1557130Gland/Cover/Cap
8172910Cross shaft/Spider/Unversal joint cross/joint cross/CRoss Axle1557179Gasket
155713pad/GASKET4880126Needle bearing/Bearing
1557101Thrust washer1557158bolt
20582548Roller bearing/Bearing8172922Nuts
We can generate numerous solution add-ons to meet your requirements, remember to speak to us if needed. Huigong Machinery strictly implements the ISO9000 top quality control technique. From raw resources to layout to creation, Bearing PTFE Bushing High Speed Self-Lubricating Sliding Oilless DU Bushes 2571 2012 each action is checked. It utilizes a lot of high-precision detectors to strictly manage every step to guarantee that the merchandise leave the manufacturing unit move price! For much more than ten many years, CZPT Equipment has gained praise from a broad assortment of consumers with its sector-foremost specialist amount, stable and reliable solution quality, and CZPT and dependable provider. We have a number of superior manufacturing, processing and tests products: American Gleason Pfauter P1600 CNC equipment grinding equipment, YK7380 automatic CNC gear grinding device, YK83160 CNC equipment milling equipment, YKA715 CNC milling equipment and a lot more advanced gear and and so on. If you want to find out much more about truck add-ons, make sure you contact us! If needed, please simply click on the get in touch with and we will give you with the details you want to know in the most specialist way! FAQ1, Pto Shaft Transmission Spline Driving Universal Drive Spline Shaft PTO SHAFT YOKE For Agricultural Equipment Are you a producing or buying and selling company?We are a specialist producer and exporter of mining dumper chassis elements organization.Hundreds of specialists and advanced gear can make certain higher top quality.2.exactly where is your manufacturing facility?Positioned in the industrial park of Xihu (West Lake) Dis. County of ZheJiang province. You are welcome to inspect the manufacturing unit at any time,you will have a great harvest.3. How lengthy is the shipping date?If inventory is available,we can ship the items as before long as we have them. If there is no stock,it will get about fifteen days to pay.4. can you make OEM or ODM orders?Of course,we have twenty many years of encounter in OEM or ODM and we will be satisfied to provide OEM and ODM solutions.Warmly welcome your purchase. 5. what are your phrases of payment?We accept T/T,credit history card and other people can go over. >>> Click for a lot more business information you want to know! <<<

bronze bushing
China Best quality volvo dump truck spare parts A frame rubber bushing 16810574     with Hot selling		China Best quality volvo dump truck spare parts A frame rubber bushing 16810574     with Hot selling
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